We will take Japanese Tea Ceremony "Cha-no-yu" practice.

If you're Living or stay in Tokyo,and near Setagaya-ku Chitose-Karasuyama,that is so lucky.
Because we seek to interested and studies in Sadoh's mate.
You're Experience is not require, Let's have fun of Wabi-Sabi world.

Ichigo-Ichie;Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.
It is a principle from Rikyu in Muromachi-Era.
We practice in So-Wa warrior family school,So-Wa-Ryu from Gifu district.

On 4/30 afternoon
Ren-jikoh-Arts Tel:03-5315-7277 
"Jikoh" means enlightment,we dealing Many kinds of Japanese antique tools &old Scroll.

Way of getting around
Keio-line"Chitose-Karasuyama"→Using Odakyu Bus to"Kichijyo-ji Sta."get out of "Mure-mae"Bus stop.
From Keio-Line "Kichijyo-ji"→Using Odakyu Bus to "Chitose-Karasuyama Sta."bus stop is "Mure-Mae" too.

Welcome to Japanese Cha-no-yu worlds.